Week 4 Bonus Question

According to Peter Edwards (Lecture week 4) how do you attack a design problem? What is the purpose of doing site analysis?

Peter Edwards brought up some interesting topics from his lecture in relation to how a designer would analyse a site. He particularly focused on instead of doing a rudimentary site analysis: sun paths, wind diagrams, access and rainfall. He suggested that the observations from these analysis’s could be taken a step further by concluding that in certain parts of the site you would need to put trees so that children are encouraged to play after school, which would also decrease incidence of skin cancer.

He mentioned a number of other things to consider in the site analysis:

Flooding Planes

Access Roads (Higher Vehicular Traffic)

Access Streets (Lower Vehicular Traffic)

Point of Entry into Site

Point of Exit out of Site

How a person would journey through the site (what would they experience)?

Vehicle Per Day (VPD)


Surrounding Community

Surrounding Available Services

In reference to the VPD it was strongly suggested that unless the area was specifically designed to accommodate a large number of cars that there should be no more than 20,000 VPD (Grey street, Southbank) without this road becoming a main road. This would therefore limit the amount of business for the shops, cafes and businesses on such a busy road.

Assessment 2 Development – Site

Contour Map

Koala Lone Pine Sanctuary Site Scale 1:10000

Koala Lone Pine Sanctuary Site
Scale 1:10000

Aerial View Map Client LPCAFC Site Bimap

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