Reading: Caring Spaces, Learning Places: Childrens Environments That Work by Jim Greenman (Part 2)

This reading considers using the outdoors as another forum for children to learn in and from. Not only is this a way to extend the size of the classroom, it also creates a realm where measured challenges can be created, so that children feel a sense of accomplishment when they achieve e.g. climbing from one side of the monkey bars to the other.

Throughout the Early Childhood Learning Centre certain spaces must be created:

Places for Climbing

Places for Running

Places for Throwing & Kicking

Places for Bouncing & Balancing

Places for Traveling, Riding, and Transporting

Places to Move Slowly: “stone and wood paths or patterned walks that encourage deliberate motions delight children and adults” (p.g. 182)

Places to Watch, to Wonder,to Retreat

Places to Sleep

Places to Eat

Places to be Diapered

Places to Discover

Places that Feel Different

Places for Building

Places for Machines

Places for Creative Expression

Places for Pretend

Places to Dig

Places for Growing: “Growing things allows children to experience the life cycle, to anticipate change in seasons, and to tend and care for life” (pg. 185)

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