Readings: The Contribution of Early Childhood Education to a Sustainable Society

This reading is based on a conference held between a Sustainability Professional, teaching Early Childhood Educators on ways that they could include sustainability in their centres, as well as educators teaching the Sustainability Professional about what governmental and societal issues would have to change for these measures to be implemented throughout the Early Childhood Learning Profession as a whole.

Sustainable Planet Project – Measures designed by children within an Early Childhood Learning Centre (these methods were then introduced by the children in their homes)

Litter less lunches

Vegetable Garden

Native Plant Regeneration

Environmental Aesthetics

Efficient use of Natural Resources

Frog Pond



Responsible Cleaning

“If young children are to adopt sustainable lifestyles int eh future they need to understand how their lives are linked to, and affect nature, and prefer to make wise and responsible choices about what they eat, how they travel, what they wear, how they build, how they spend their leisure and relate to people in their local community and in distant lands” (p.g. 64).

Eco – literacy

Opportunity to participate in many varied learning experiences

Opportunity for unstructured time

Opportunity to observe changes in an environment

Opportunity to play

Opportunity to use real tools & develop practical skills

Opportunity to engage in physical challenges

Opportunity to collaborate & investigate

Encourage a sense of wonder

A Silkworm is a fascinating insect for Children

“A valuable learning experience it teaches about a unique transformative life cycle that cna be observed over a short period; in fact the caterpillar transforms into cocoons in about twenty five days, and each year we nurture three full silkworm cycles at the centre” (p.g. 88).

This project increases the childs sense of accomplishment that they can care for another living thing all on their own, and it introduces professionals fromt the silk industry so that this experience can lead to gained knowledge about the silk industry… which can lead to the children creating a silk wall art piece.

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