Week 4 Question

How has the site evolved from its original state to its current condition. Look at the process of the development on the environment & its surrounding community?



View Towards Figtree Pocket from Seventeen Mile Rocks

Originally the current site was used for Farming and Agricultural purposes, as was much of Brisbane in the early colonial period. However over time as the site is along the river, most of the sites became popular picnic area’s for families, even on their own land.



The Fig Tree that is said to be behind the name

It is an urban legend that there was a Fig Tree in the centre of the suburb, that consisted mainly of farm land and this is how the suburb ended up with the name of Fig Tree Pocket. Over time as Brisbane has expanded, the suburb of Fig Tree Pocket transitioned from Farmland to a Residential suburb, filled with families.


History of Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

History of Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Since Lone Pine Koala Sanctuaries inception in 1927, it has been host to many visitors and celebrities. Over time this humble sanctuary has built many more enclosures that have been continuously updated with the times. It has even created a River Cruise (Mirimar Boat Cruise) that takes customers from the centre of the city along the Brisbane River to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. This has been an icon of Brisbane for 86 years, and with this ongoing interest it will continue to do so. The photos above demonstrate the park, its inhabitants & newspaper clippings about the site (as well as the cruise).

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