Week 5 Question

How do you think Urban Informatics can be applied to Architecture & your Design Process?

Urban Informatics is “the study, design and practice of urban experiences across different urban contexts that are created by now opportunities of real-time, ubiquitous technology & the augmentation that mediates the physical & digital layers of people networks & urban infrastructures” (from Week 5 Lecture by Marcus Foth).

Urban Informatics could be utilised in gathering data on:

The Climate

Demographics in an Area

Pollution e.g. Pollution indicators were attached to the back of taxi’s to create mobile pollution indicators.

Peoples interactions in & surrounding a Site

Peoples interactions in a Building

The Publics suggestions for a Design

Peoples Feedback on a Design e.g. Print Out App (onto an Eftpos Receipt)

Data from Sustainable Technologies e.g. by using Urban Informatics data was created from Solar Panels about the: peak consumption periods, production periods & surplus energy.

Suggestions to Updates on a Building

These could be achieved through Social Networking (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Phone Applications and GPS navigations in a car.

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