Week 6 Question

What are the meaningful findings from your Site Analysis/Context Research which informs your MasterPlan & Conceptual Design Process

From the Site Analysis/Context Research, a number of issues have arisen:

Wayfinding: Solutions



Security: this might prove a harder than anticipated. Whilst on one hand security is necessary with a parking lot so close to childrens play area, however you don’t want the children to feel claustrophobic. Also most of the materials that I am looking at are sustainably sourced (predominantly discarded or recycled timber), and how would you design a solid fence out of this materials, without holes for children to climb through (to chase balls, etc).

Whether vegetation could be relocated on the site

Slight slope of the land to the Brisbane River:  Any soil that has been excavated in the construction of the Early Childhood Learning Centre, will be reused to make either a rammed earth or mud brick external wall. The external wall is facing the traffic from Jesmond Road & the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, minimising the amount of noise pollution/distractions within the centre.

Flood planes approaching the Site: after further research, while the flood planes did affect some aspects of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, it did not approach the site.

The amount of available Parking: Extra parking will need to be provided to accommodate the addition of the parking of parents from the Early Childhood Learning Centre. This parking will be placed in a number of locations, either along Jesmon Road, or by extending the carpark along the Eastern side.

Traffic Noise from Jesmond Road: Children do not like to play in really loud locations, and will generally avoid these locations. Extreme noise can create unrest in children. However by moving the two tree’s taken from where the main building of the Early Childhood Learning Centre is located and moving them along Jesmon Road, this creates a buffer. This buffer absorbs a lot of the sound, as well as directly offsetting the pollution, and creating a sense of privacy from the main road.

Limited amount of foot paths leading up to the site: Pathways in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary have been created over time around the existing tree’s, which then informed the locations of the animal displays throughout the park. This same approach will be adopted in the Early Childhood Learning Centre, with the “Built Tree’s” of the buildings scattered throughout the site informing the connecting pathways.

Public transport to the site: There are a number of solutions such as: introducing a new City Cat stop on the existing Pontoon,  as well as proposing a School Bus for the Children of the Early Learning Childhood Centre.

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