Reading: Trees for Koala’s – Planting for Wildlife by Queensland Parks & Wildlife Services

There are many recognised food tree’s for koala’s, however below are the main type’s of Gum Tree’s that Koala’s feed on:

Forest Red Gum or Queensland Blue Gum: “the smooth bark is shed in irregular plates with white, grey and bluish patches. Flowers are usually white but can be pink.” (Height: 20 – 40m)

Small Fruited Grey Gum

Spotted Gum: “the bark has distinctive dimples. Flowers March to June.” (Height: 25 – 40m)

Queensland Grey Ironbark: “this species grows to 30m and flowers winter – early summer.”

Broad – leaved Ironbark

Five Veined Paperbark

Tallowwood: “Creamy white flowers in late winter – spring (sometimes summer) and grows up to 40m. The rough red-brown bark is soft and fibrous.”

Red Stringbark

Scribbly Gum

Queensland White Stringybark

These tree’s are best planted amongst shrubs at a distance of 1 -2m apart, these should be planted away from power lines & underground pipes.

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