Other cool learning spaces for children

The overriding ideas of the Reggio Emilia Approach that were applied to Kinder are:

– The choice in built materials inside & outside the classroom

– The shape of the building form, that is centred around the piazza that is the hive of activity & every activity conducted by the children throughout the site is seen from the location.

– The atelier is located in each classroom, however after discussing with the Early Learning students it became apparent that each age group are interested in different types of art styles/production. These different forms of art are a result of the needs of the children within that age group and the wants of the teacher, so by giving the teacher freedom to use any material that the children would like in any area of the room. This allowed for a flexibility of spaces to suit the changing day to day needs of the class within each room.

– The notion of journey & discovery is shown through many aspects of the outdoor learning playspace. Such as the oval/hill/slide/tunnel, sandpit, dry creek bed and also the journey to the Koala Enclosure. The Koala enclosure was placed outside the main playspace as it creates a sense of journey/occasion to travel to view the Koala’s (reducing the level of complacency of the children). It is also an introduction to the park before entering the park, when travelling from the Lone Pine CityCat Stop. This Koala Sanctuary is placed away from traffic, so that the Koala’s feel amongst nature and are not stressed. By placing the enclosure in this location it also minimises the level of distraction experienced by the children from the strong smells of the male Koala’s that would be placed within the enclosure.

 Other Forms of Outdoor Play Equipment003 (2) 003 008 014 015


Other Forms of Childrens Gardening Experiences & Outoor Elements


096   IMG_0873 IMG_0899

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