Reflection on Presentation

Following the presentation I realise that I needed to place more emphasis on how the internal spaces felt, this needed to have been expressed in more sketches other than sections.

Also I needed to let the video talk for itself, and once it had finished playing, use the slides as discussion points.


Internal spaces


The internal spaces must also allow for the daily activities of the different age groups overall activities:

Day schedule:

Beginning 7 – 9: outside (free play)

9 – 10:  activities that are age group specific.

0 – 2 years: puzzles, dolls, dress up, trains, etc.

10 – 10:30: morning tea

10:30 – 12: young (socialising outside), older activities (indoors)

12 – 1: lunch

1 – 2: sleep time

2 – 2:30: activities with outside people: musician

3 – 5: outdoor play till parents pick them up

Spaces within the Kinder

Following the Feedback from the Early Childhood Learning Students, the internal spaces need to have:

– Must have child sized sinks, cutlery, crockery & everything is child sized.

– Netting & cork is great.

– Intimate/secluded areas are great but make sure that there is a window or port hole cut in.

– Teachers don’t interfere too much they let the child do an activity & only step in when they can’t complete the activity.

– Can use ipads, very capable – they must have interactive white boards.


The materiality of the internal spaces of the learning space for the Toddlers & Preschool has not changed since this one point perspective.


Different age groups require different items within the internal space:

– Toddler & Preschool require different heights for tables & chairs (as these heights are of similar sizes, these 2 groups have an interactive space. This space is away from the sleeping area and can be opened up for joint learning, depending on the daily needs of the different age groups).

– The Nursery needs to have something interesting to look at on the ceiling, which is created through the structure of the roof & ceiling that changes throughout the different times of the day.